Out of Whack

EP 12 | Mike Pachan

May 03, 2021
Out of Whack
EP 12 | Mike Pachan
Show Notes

Mike is a Cannabis & Hemp industry veteran!! With over 9 years experience we'll talk about small business & big industry and how CBD and other cannabis products are making it into the mainstream and delivering results.

Mountain Made Website: www.mountainmade.life

Brief overview of Mike's cannabis & hemp experience:

  • Co-Founded a wholesale company with over $65 million in brokered sales from 2015-2018, total gross revenue of $3.5 million
  • Created a team to launch a first of it's kind CBD company, brand and products, launched within 10 months of concept, supported by over 12 years industry experience, sponsored athletes nationwide
  • Senior level director for 7 companies, in 9 years
  • Direct reporting to ownership and investment teams
  • Over 100,000+ direct patient interactions in 5 years
  • Responsible for helping to bring 12 products to market
  • Created 4 Patient Programs, with collaborations from local physicians
  • Helped 15 children as young as 14 months receive and benefit from high CBD cannabis therapy in 2013-2014
  • Began interacting patients with CBD as early as 2014
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