Out of Whack

EP 16 | Sudi (Rick) Karatas

May 30, 2021 Produced by S.D. Smith | SKO Blue Creative
Out of Whack
EP 16 | Sudi (Rick) Karatas
Show Notes

The author of the book Rainbow Relatives, Rick Karatas, stops by for a fun chat about the rainbow sheep we all have in our families. Rick tells stories about coming out and ways of dealing with those difficult and closed-minded relatives we all have, and also the very open-minded kiddos.

Rick’s passion is writing. He has written over a dozen screenplays , two books, many songs and a letter to Dear Abby once. He likes writing anything except checks.

Rainbow Relatives BOOK

Paypal link: https://goo.gl/7RcmG4

Amazon: https://goo.gl/aY4LTh

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rick.karatas
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sudirick

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