Out of Whack

EP 26 | Julie Rubenstein

August 15, 2021 Produced by S.D. Smith | SKO Blue Creative
Out of Whack
EP 26 | Julie Rubenstein
Show Notes

JULIE RUBENSTEIN - My good friend and COVID lockdown survivor is back for a fun and informative chat (more fun than anything!). 

Julie is a certified Image Consultant and award-winning podcaster, along with co-host Savannah Hawk. 

Julie’s Fox and Hanger website helps find clothes that support trans women and cross-dressing men’s wardrobe goals and that reflects their personal style. 

“I believe that dressing for your body type is just as important as your personal style. I love working with people with all different body types and styles. My intuitive nature and deep compassion for human experience is one of my greatest strengths. I am also extremely sensitive but i have learned that it is important to have a sense of humor in the face of adversity,” says Julie.

Julie is originally from Massachusetts but lives in Northern Cali with her husband, Scott and her spunky daughter Remy Star. 

She is a  a trans ally and has a background in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College in Boston, Ma. 

Hats and Jackets are her weakness and like Cher, she is dyslexic and was super shy as a kid. 

Fox and Hanger: https://www.foxandhanger.com/

The Fox and the Phoenix Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/2WvvCbG591EiWveqFRB98C

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