Out of Whack

EP 30 | Stephen Hawley Martin

September 13, 2021 Produced by S.D. Smith | SKO Blue Creative
Out of Whack
EP 30 | Stephen Hawley Martin
Show Notes

Stephen joins us again to talk about his new book, The Witch of Amesbury.

Stephen grew up wondering whether his seven-times great grandmother really had been practicing witchcraft back in the seventeenth century, and he finally decided to do something about it.

So he delved into the historical record and found that a great deal of information is available about the Salem witch hysteria. As a result of his research, he suspects at least one of those hanged had been practicing magic.

He also came to believe the oft-given explantation that the so-called victims of the witches faked their symptoms is off the mark.

Based in large measure on recent findings of research into the paranormal, this is the true story from a twenty-first century perspective of his ancestor, Susannah North Martin, as well as the others who were executed in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts.

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